A doula is supporting a woman in a birth tub.
$25USD/month recurring until finished.
Average completion times
range from 9 - 12 months.

How Does the Registration Process Work?

Step 1Pay for Your Training
Step 2Complete Registration Form
Step 3Order Your Books
Step 4Setup Your First Coaching Session
Step 5Get Started with Your Training

Step 1: Pay for Your Training

Our current registration process requires you to first make payment for your doula certification. When you select a link from above, you’ll be redirect to PayPal’s secured payment screen. If you don’t have a have a PayPal account, you can opt to pay with a credit card. Once payment has been received, our registration system will be automatically notified and you will receive an email confirmation from New Beginnings Doula Training with a link to continue your registration process. (Please note: the email address that is associated with the PayPal transaction will be used to send your registration link.)

Step 2: Complete Registration Form

After submitting payment, you will receive a link to continue with the registration process. The registration form will allow you specify your primary contact information including name, primary email address, physical address, and other relevant contact information.

Step 3: Order Your Books

As a part of your registration process, you’ll want to make sure that you order the required books associated with your training program. Check your registration email or the introductory course materials for detail on the required books for your training. Typical cost of books is approximately $45 USD. Ask us for help if you are having trouble locating books in your local region.

Step 4: Setup Your First Coaching Session

Within the first week of registration, your assigned trainer will reach out to you to setup your first coaching session. Your coaching session is an opportunity for you to walk through course materials and become oriented with the online training process directly with one of our trainers.

Step 5: Get Started with Your Training

That’s it! You are free to start your training immediately. Your login credential will be sent to you via email. The books that are required for your training typically are not needed until later in the first unit. Start exploring and get familiar with the online training environment. See if you can get your first assignment submitted. If you have questions, your coaching session will be a great opportunity to ask those questions.