Doulas and Inclusive Leadership in the LGBT Community

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As a business, we believe all women deserve support. We also support other’s rights to disagree with this on a personal or professional level. We do feel our doulas should discuss their personal beliefs with women in private conversations if needed, in order determine compatibility between a doula and her client. Given the fact that emotional harm has been done on a systemic level to the LGTB community in the past, our doulas should also be cautious when discussing religious or political views regarding the LGTB community in a public arena that is attached to their business as a doula.

This policy has come about after discussions with other doulas, women, and members of the LGTB community. I am also planning on adding a new portion on the course about inclusive leadership and professionalism. Hopefully this helps you understand where we stand. We truly desire all women and doulas to feel respected and heard.

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