Become part of the birth community where you live with doula training and certification
that prepares you to use both your heart and mind in offering comprehensive care.

A Do-What!?

What Is a Doula?

Dou – luh (n.) – Professionally trained birth and labor support. The origins of the word are greek and literally translates to “woman servant.” The name has been given to women (and men) who act in the capacity of labor coach or birthing assistant during the childbirth process.

Doo-luh: n.\ - Professionally trained birth and labor support.

This would be my dream job!

Can I Become a Doula?

Absolutely! Every day more people are using doulas at their births. Plus, research now shows that births attended by a doula result in better outcomes for mothers and babies. Plus, doula work is a great first step to other birth related work.

Yes, You Can! Become a Doula Where You Live, Support Birth.

Please tell me more!

What Kind of Training Do I Need?

As a doula, you work side by side with many other trained professionals. Your confidence will come from knowing what to do, and when to do it. That knowledge is preparation that you will receive with New Beginnings Doula Training programs.

The Key: A Prepared Doula Is a Happy Doula

I’m ready to go!

What Makes
New Beginnings Unique?

Where New Beginnings Doula Training shines is in teaching you the skills of assessment with a focus on holistic care. In simple terms, that means you learn how to ask the right questions and how to have an expanded view of your support– be it emotional, social, esteem or physical. These skills are critical to your success as a doula in knowing what to do and when to do it!

Birthing Woman in Hospital Supported by Husband, Doula, and Other Birth Team Members